Be Brave. Be Free.

So often, we fail to reach our full potential because we hold things back locking our goals and desires deep within.  We often think that we have nothing to offer, or that no one will receive our gifts and talents, etc.  In some cases, we are arrested in a stagnant state because of something that happened in our past or because of something that someone has said to us that affected our self-esteem.

The fact of the matter is that words are very powerful.  Each time someone says something to us those words are written on the tablet of our hearts.  Whether the words are positive or negative they will have an impact.  They will either empower us, or they will cripple us.  Words are containers and they produce their meaning in our lives.  I know… it sounds deep, but it is a reality.  Have you ever seen someone that expects negative things to happen, or they are always speaking negative words?  Then you look at their life and nothing is going well for them? If we were to trace their past, I’m sure that there would be a trail of negative things that had been spoken into that person’s life.   On the other hand when you see people that are happy and looking to produce positive results…that person has been in a space where positive words have been spoken around them.  In either case, the person has chosen to believe the words that have been spoken around them and to them.

There are other areas that also hold us back if we let them, and one is bad experiences and circumstances that have happened to us.  The keywords that I want you to focus on are “have happened”- which are past tense.  The things that have happened to us DO NOT determine our future.  They are not who we are, and they don’t define us.   In fact, they are designed to fuel our purpose if we allow them to. However, it all depends on what you choose and what you want to be your outcome.  If anyone can speak to this, I can!  I have had my share of things that “have happened” to me from loss, hardships, and attacks from others.  I also grew up with people in my extended family circle that were very negative, and occasionally spoke negative things to me, and about my future.  However, although my parents, on the other hand, spoke positively, but the reality still remained that the negative words had been spoken and were already imprinted on my heart.  Because I was quiet and very reserved some saw that as a weakness and would always mock me in that area.  Sadly, many did it both in my extended family and at school.  As I grew older those negative words remained as a silent voice that would try to rise up every time I would work on achieving positive things in my life.  If honest… they still do!  However, I’ve learned how to take authority over them and have chosen to walk in my purpose because negative words, past circumstances, and situations don’t define me. Why?  Because I know who I am!  It took years for me to learn that.  However, there came a point when I decided that I was no longer going to allow things and negative words control me.  So, I learned to master filtering out the negative where it concerned words, circumstances, obstacles, and negative or bad actions from people.

There are times when situations and circumstances can be so traumatizing that it can stop someone in their tracks.  I totally understand that, but it is in those times is where we must muster up the strength to find our worth and purpose.  In those times is where we turn the bad into good, by using it towards our purpose, and to help others find their purpose.  Also, in those times we must stay true to who we are, and make a decision that our future holds beauty and blessings ahead.  There are also times when we endure people hurt, and sometimes that can leave deep wounds and scars on our hearts and emotions.  People hurt can actually cripple us emotionally because it is a matter of trust being broken or a situation that our minds can’t conceive why someone would do what they did to us.  However, in those times is where we learn to discern.  We learn not to put all of our trust in people and promises.  We learn who we are, and we learn that people come into our lives in seasons and that’s OK.  Some come for a lifetime, some for a period of time, and some for a moment.  In each instance, there is something that we are to learn from them, and in some cases, we must give to them as well.  Lastly, and most importantly we learn to set healthy boundaries during these times.

There are many things that can hold us back if we choose to allow them to do so.  However, when we realize that we are in control of how we master situations, then we can stand strong, be brave and then we can be free.  What negative words have been spoken to you?  What circumstances or situations “have happened” that is robbing you from moving closer to your full potential?  What people hurt are you holding on to that is preventing you from being true to yourself?  I encourage you to release the negative words and take authority over them by speaking positive words over your own life.  I encourage you to move past the circumstances and situations that “have happened” and muster up the strength to start dreaming big for your future.  I encourage you to let go of the people hurt and embrace your inner discernment and set healthy boundaries.  Lastly, I encourage you to Be Brave and Be Free!  Grab hold to the beauty and purpose of what you were created for.  Always remember that you were beautifully and wonderfully made, so embrace it and walk in it with joy and happiness!

This article was written by Linda Barbour © copyright 2017 All rights reserved.