Believe in Yourself and Your Dreams will Follow

I want you to FLOURISH in 2017!  How exciting it is to face a new year that is filled with unlimited possibilities.  I know that we can accomplish anything that we set our minds to.  It’s a fact, that when one believes in themselves, sets goals, visualizes them, dreams big, remains determined and remains focused, things begin to move.  Then when you add the mindset of refusing to compromise on what they have set their minds to receive, the results are ALWAYS favorable.  I know this to be true because it’s the way I have lived my life and have had favorable results over the past thirty years.  Oftentimes, where we miss it is that we believe in the dream more than we believe in ourselves.  And… that’s what causes many people not to realize their dreams and goals.   It is the power of the belief in ourselves that opens the door for the dreams to manifest in our lives.

As women, we have several things in common and we strive to improve ourselves in many areas of our lives.  Many times it is evident in our impeccable time management skills that we possess.  I think this is an internal gift that we all have which allow us to multitask: let’s face it we master getting up in the morning, making lunch, fixing breakfast, getting the kiddos ready for school (sometimes driving them there), going to the gym, doing a load of laundry, getting ourselves ready for work, sometimes doing a quick clean of the house… and then actually getting ourselves to work.  Whew!  I’m tired just thinking about it.

Perhaps we decide there’s an area that we want to improve in our personal lives.  Let’s say it is the area of health we want to improve. We as ladies are always interested in learning more about the latest healthy fad that promises to help us shed those extra pounds, and that craze that will keep us healthy and full of energy – in only 4 weeks or less!  Or maybe it is a goal to become more organized so that we can fit everything into our lives with a little more ease.

Wouldn’t you agree that with what we have going on in our day-to-day lives, it can all become quite a challenge and an overwhelming task to get everything done?  Let’s face it by the time evening rolls around, we can end up doing a lot of well-intentioned planning and then run out of time to actually do all the things we wanted to do that were on our “to do” lists. Sound familiar…?  Thus, leaving us thinking about our dreams a little less often, yet still hoping and wishing that one day they will happen; while in the process we are losing our way, our drive, and our belief in ourselves that if what we desire could really become a reality. This is a reality for many women.  We have so much to do, so many people to care for, that we lose our focus, and our dreams and goals get put on hold.  Sadly, many never muster up enough energy and willpower to trust that they really can become a reality in our lives.  This becomes a roller coaster of emotions leaving us feeling like we are no longer worthy to have our personal desires and dreams.

Well, it all stops here… No more spinning wheels, it’s time to FLOURISH!  Over the next 4 weeks, I have a plan that will help you move from Flustering and begin Flourishing!

Each week let’s make a few small changes in our daily routine so that we can start flourishing. If you aspire to ‘flourish’, then these simple changes will help build something that will bring a little more ease to life, and make it a bit more enjoyable.

Week One:  Gratitude – Healthy Attitude 

Practicing daily gratitude cultivates a healthy attitude.  Start daily with a moment of gratitude and end your evenings with a moment of gratitude.  Get a writing journal and use it daily to log the areas in which you are grateful.  Be mindful not to duplicate the same entries each day.  There are many things to be thankful for, from life itself to having the choice to select from multiple purses that best suit your outfit.  Expressing and living in a place of gratitude, makes room for more abundance and amazing things to come into our lives.  Although this exercise is for one week to help launch you into FLOURISHING for 2017, I encourage you to make it a daily part of your life.  It’s amazing the power that this daily action will have in your life.  What’s more amazing, is when there are days when you may not feel your best, you can revisit your previous journal entries to uplift your mental and spiritual mood.

Week Two: De-Clutter

Set aside just 10 minutes a day to cleaning out clutter. This includes your living space, your vehicle; social media account connections, unused contacts in your phone, and yes….even negative relationships.   When you clear your “whole space” of clutter and things that are not bringing value and positive energy into your life, you will also keep your emotional space clear.  It is also a good idea to schedule 15-20 minutes to deal with all household paperwork, too. Things like that mail pile, and that “catch-all drawer” (we all have those!).  Make sure you take this seriously: you will need to mark the time on your calendar and stick to it. Believe it or not, the emotional freedom that will come from these little changes can make to your emotional well-being is surprising!

Week Three: Self Awareness

Take this week to hone in on Self Awareness. Often times as women we put everyone else first.  Although that is our nature, it’s not exactly the best practice if we want to live long healthy lives, and fully be there for our loved ones. This is where we need to change things up a bit; and make a serious effort to do some things just for ourselves.  Make a list of things that you have wanted to do and haven’t done because of putting everything else first.   Here’s the thing… they don’t have to be done in one week, so pace them out over the next 12 months and use that as your monthly “me indulgence”.    Also, take an assessment of things that you have been tolerating that you know you shouldn’t be.  Make a list and decide that you will eliminate these areas of tolerance.  Choose to stand in your true self, if there are areas where you should be saying “no” and you have been saying “yes”, and vice versa decide to make those changes in order to have a peaceful and fulfilling 2017 without regrets. Pamper yourself and be good to you!

Week Four:  Action Plan

Change requires action and dedication to a plan.  Therefore, in order to FLOURISH to another level in 2017 making a few changes will be required.  In addition, there must be a targeted goal in which to achieve.  Set some short term goals to kick off the new upcoming month.  Start with a seven-day goal, a two-week goal, and a one-month goal.  Include small steps that can jump start you in your personal business goals, as well as your personal health and wellness goals.  It may be something as simple as incorporating more water in your diet, creating a contact list, making a daily to-do list, or doing check up calls with your clients.  Regardless of the short-term goals, make sure that there is a solid action plan and that you follow through. Follow through is key and is what will make everything start to flow and fall into place.

All of the above steps will set the pace and a plan of action to FLOURISH in 2017.   Don’t get discouraged; don’t become impatient with yourself if you miss a step or two.  All that is important is that you work at it with good intentions; any movement in the right direction is progression. The reality is that where most people get frustrated is that they start off with good intentions and fail to follow through until the end without quitting. Therefore, they miss seeing the results of their intended goals fulfilled.  As women, we have a load of things on our plate, but remember you can do anything that you set your mind to do.  You have been equipped with internal super powers that when tapped into can produce a FLOURISHING life in our homes, our families, our personal spaces, as well as in our businesses and our communities.  Here’s to a wonderful and flourishing year filled with unlimited possibilities!