Shine Baby Shine!


Shine Baby Shine!

by Linda D. Barbour ©

It’s time to shine!  No more hiding your talents, no more dimming your brilliance, others are waiting to reap the benefits of what you have to offer.  So often it is much easier to just tuck our gifts and talents away and pretend they don’t exist.  But, it’s time to remove the lid from our individual uniqueness, and let our God-given gifts and talents shine.  The thought of shining can be fearful to many people.  Oh my, isn’t that dangerous? Who me? Shine?  Yes, you!  Why not you?  There comes a time when we must realize our ability to excel, and it’s time to crush past the glass ceiling that we set for ourselves.

It’s time to take the lid off  of our uniqueness, and trust in our abilities. We have gifts that are only specific to us that are just waiting to be unwrapped from deep within, and we must allow others to see that uniqueness shine. Have you been hiding your talents?  Is there something deep with that you are gifted with?  Perhaps it may be creativity, humor, a level of compassion for others, a specific skill set, or maybe even an idea that can change the lives of those around you. We were created to shine and in doing so our gifts are to be shared with others, and likewise theirs with us.  Doesn’t this sound exciting?  Let me assure you, I if anyone understand the fear associated with stepping out of a comfort zone, and sharing deeply rooted ideas, and setting forth something in motion that goes against what most are accustomed to.  However, I want to encourage you that once you take the first step, you will gain the momentum and courage to keep on trucking.  Fear can no longer be a factor when it comes to the unique gifts and talents that you possess that will cause you to shine. That’s why you have them burning deep within, they are your compass for your life’s purpose.

Are you hiding what you have to offer?

Does the power behind your gifts and talents frighten you?

Everyone has a “reason” or series of “reasons” that holds them back.  And… even sometimes we have our own individual “buts” in the way.  We all have a “yes, but what if” lurking in the back of our minds. That’s what causes us to want to hide our potential, or that prevents us from sharing what we have openly.  The raw truth is that we all have had experiences that remind us that we better play it safe, “remember last time?”  Now is the time to settle these conflicts within and become the best that we can be, it is time to shine!

I love tackling the little “buts” that hold people back.  Here are a few… do any of them resonate with you?

(1) I know that I have things to offer, but I’m not sure how it will be accepted.

This means that somewhere in your past you stepped out, only to be knocked down by someone’s negative response, or reaction. This doesn’t mean that you weren’t successful.  It only means that the opinions of others determined how you would, or if you would move forward.  In order to shine in your best you possible, you must adopt the mindset that I am going to be true to me, and do what I feel convicted to do by the promptings that I feel deep within.

(2) I don’t want to be in the limelight, I think that it’s self-serving.

When, and where did you learn that standing out was a bad thing?  You were created to FLOURISH, and in standing in who you were created to be, your gifts and talents will be most beneficial to others.  Your standing out will give others hope that they too can accomplish great things. If I’m totally honest it’s self-serving not to shine!  Why?  This way of thinking causes one to become focused inwardly and it prevents others from being impacted in a positive way.

(3) I have been hurt in the past, so I’m afraid to shine, or stand out.

What was it that hurt you from the last experience?  Was it a comment?  Was it rejection? Or, could it have been that someone saw your ability and hurt you through their actions because they were jealous of your uniqueness? Remember hurt people, hurt people.  So, give it another shot, and be your AWESOME Unique Self and shine!

(4) It is too much work to shine I’d rather not be noticed.

Make no mistake about it, standing out and flowing in excellence will take a lot of time and effort.  There may even be people who might not like you for it.  But overcoming the challenges and obstacles will make it all worth it in the end.    Don’t let your gifts and talents go unnoticed, they are yours to display for the world to see.

(5) Shining is arrogant.

Not shining is not being a good steward of your God-given gifts and talents.  Shine, and shine brightly!

(6) I don’t have anything to offer.

Come on, really?  What makes you think that? Did someone tell you this? Where did you get this idea?  Every one of us has unique gifts and talents, and not utilizing them to the best of our ability is not only depriving us of being our best, but it’s also are depriving others around us.

(7) I don’t know who I am, how can I shine?

You can shine simply by using your gifts and talents, as you begin to do so your identity will no longer be an issue.  Operating through your gifts and talents will confirm who you are because they will realize your purpose.  Don’t be afraid to try, or to change.  Living life never tapping fully into our gifts and talents can result in a mediocre life, when there is so much more for us to experience as we begin to shine.

Did any of the “but” reasons above resonate with you? Don’t allow yourself to be held back because of fears or levels of resistance. The important question is:

If you are not shining the way you know you should be, ask yourself… Why am I not already shining and bringing my unique brilliance to others around me?

Sometimes when we feel we may have failed to shine at something from a past experience, there are blocks that appear that prevent us from moving forward. You may be able to identify your block by asking yourself the questions below, rather than measurement of the above statements.  See if any of these questions help you uncover any possible blockage from being your shining unique self:

  • What’s the “downside” to being your most successful self?
  • Can you see yourself shining?
  • Are you just fine the way you are?
  • Do new things make you nervous, or afraid?
  • Has something happened in your past when you tried to step out to let yourself shine?

In closing, what if you really started shining in your community, as a leader, in providing service, or maybe even helping others who need help. Or maybe you start your own business, foundation, or start a movement around a cause that you are passionate about. Just think of how awesome this would be to shine in something that was created from within using your own personal unique gifts and talents.  Allowing yourself to shine ignites your own passion and creativity, others will gain energy from being around you, and by experiencing your excellence.  In doing so, you will shine, attract more abundance, and those associated with you that embrace your uniqueness will begin to shine too.  Shine ON!


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