She is Clothed in Strength


By Linda D. Barbour (Copyright 2016)

Most often, when we think of strength we think of it in a physical capacity. The truth is that strength can come from working out and doing physical activity, but there are other forms of strength that we possess. Each human being has an inner strength that is rooted deeply within us, and when the need arises it becomes our armor that carries us through life’s trials and circumstances.   The amazing beauty is that as women we not only have physical and inner strength, but we are also clothed with an outer strength as well.  What I mean by that is that when we endure the hardships that life throws our way, we manage to handle it with grace, dignity, and beauty.

Women are clothed in strength!  How awesome is that?  Not only does strength reside within us, but it clothes us.  I oftentimes think of it as being in a wrestling match wearing a tutu and tiara, when the wrestling match is over we come out with a couple of battle scars, yet our tiara is still in place and our tutu is still intact.  It’s amazing that as women after enduring life’s battles, no matter how it may feel during the sparse when the dust settles we are still standing in beauty and grace.

Women possess a unique ability to muster up the willpower to overcome anything thrown at them, no matter the circumstance. We all endure challenges, so no matter what you are faced with today, I want you to know that you are clothed in strength and you are an overcomer. Stay in the fight until the final round, don’t quit, don’t give in, you can win because you are clothed in strength.  In the end, trials and circumstances reveal to us who we are and what we are made of.

Here’s to the woman that has suffered loss.
You are clothed in strength.

Here’s to the woman that had to start over.
You are clothed in strength.

Here’s to the mother and single mother that’s trying to hold it together.
You are clothed in strength.

Here’s to the wife that is the support system.
You are clothed in strength.

Here’s to the professional career woman breaking that glass ceiling.
You are clothed in strength.

Here’s to the entrepreneur that is blazing a trail with her vision.
You are clothed in strength.

Always remember that you are clothed with strength. Look at it like this…  It is a fixed fight, if you don’t give up or quit the end result is that you win!  So, grab your best tutu, and set your tiara in position.  YOU’VE GOT THIS!