Embrace Change


By Linda D. Barbour (Copyright 2016)

I’m sure you would agree that there are days when you just feel out of sync. The truth is that we all do from time to time.  This is especially true for those individuals that are visionaries, goal setters, and trail-blazers. Being an entrepreneur one thing is constant, and that is that we must be brave enough to embrace change, and dare to flourish!

Let’s address embracing change.  For most, fear and a feeling of vulnerability is often the initial reaction at the thought of change. However, most times we forget that there are some pretty amazing and far-reaching benefits of change. Let’s take a look at the good things that change brings to us.  We all encounter bad situations, bad people, and bad experiences. But… the good side of those “bad” experiences is that they all can be improved through change.  It’s all a matter of how we view them, as well as how we react to them.  The two options are seeing them as a challenge to defeat us, or an opportunity to create and embrace change.

The act of creating change can be empowering and incredibly rewarding.  Most often it is assumed that change is forced upon us, which is why most of us reject change.  Change often forces us outside of our comfort zones. Outside of our comfort zone is the place where magic can happen.  Through change, we find innumerable opportunities, possibilities, and experiences, all of which we can never imagine unless we embrace those amazing opportunities that await us on the other side of change.

The effects of change can be powerful beyond measure. It can dramatically improve our lives or our business. It can even improve the world that we live in.  Isn’t it absolutely amazing that we can grow through change? Though change, we can learn more about ourselves, and grow to be the person we have always hoped we would be; but, a better, stronger version of what we hoped for. How exciting is that? Just think… If there was no change there would be no butterflies, only caterpillars. If there were no change, we wouldn’t be able to experience the beauty of the seasons. Wouldn’t you agree that change is good?  There is definitely beauty in the process of change.

Dare to flourish!  Flourish means to grow well and to be very successful. However, that cannot become a reality if the idea of change is never embraced because change is a part of the growing process. Change brings life to lifeless situations, even when it feels uncomfortable.  When we learn to embrace change, we can take flight by earning our wings to fly.  This can only happen through life circumstances, enduring a few hardships, and encountering a few people along the way that force us to pull strength from within. It may even require going through something where it seems that we stepping backward, in order to move forward.  During these times is when we learn what we are made of.  Life’s happenstances sharpen our senses; they prune areas for us to receive the fullness and richness that our life purpose has to offer.

Embrace Change and Dare to Flourish!