Own It!

own it.png

by Linda D. Barbour (Copyright 2016)

Isn’t it amazing that no one else on the planet is like you?  You have special gifts and talents that set you apart, and that makes you, a one of a kind original.  Your uniqueness is a gift that is your born identity, and there is no one that can fill your shoes.  How awesome is that?

Many times we fail to see the beauty of our unique selves.  We compare who we are, how we look, and our achievements to that of others.  When we think like this, or operate in the area of comparison, we decrease our self-worth, our gifts, and our talents.  Also, in doing this we reduce ourselves, and we exalt what others possess, overlooking our own special unique qualities. This causes an enormous amount of pressure by living “in comparison”.  Comparison steals dreams, confidence, desire, and willpower.  Many times, we become stagnant because of trying to measure up.  We literally can get stuck in our tracks, or sit spinning our wheels with absolutely no movement.  Here’s a reality check, we will never measure up to someone else. Never!  We are not supposed to.  We are supposed to Flourish in our own uniqueness, beauty, and individuality.

What if we willed ourselves to see our beauty, and individuality? Then we would start to see ourselves as successful, victorious, and even as a gift to those around us.  I want to urge you to start to visualize yourself in that light.  There is beauty in our life stories, our failures, and in overcoming our obstacles.  There is beauty in our laughs, our quirkiness, and imperfections.  In the times when we are frazzled and it feels like we are about to fall apart… We have to remember that we possess beauty within.

Our life experiences are all a part of our purpose.  Each thing that we “grow” though, is for the fulfillment of our purpose.  Notice that I said “GROW” through?  I worded it that way for a specific reason and that is because it’s a fact.  Each time we go through a problem, encounter a circumstance, or tackle a life happenstance, we GROW.  Even when it seems like we fail.  I have a saying, “even when it looks like failure, I still win.”  Why?  It is because we were designed to grow in the most difficult of times.  So, embrace your challenges! Cultivate the mindset of “what am I to learn, through this?”  Be eager to see the growth on the other side of the trial.

So often we get caught up in the cares of life and trying to measure up to others, that we forget that we have been created for purpose; and unique qualities to be shared with the world.  In simpler terms, we have to awaken the Giant within.  The problem is, that sometimes we have no idea that there is a Giant within.  We are equipped with everything that we need to succeed.  All we have to do is OWN IT and walk in it!

I want to challenge you to OWN it!  Own your uniqueness, your beauty, your individuality, and the wonderful gift that you are to those around you.  Own it!  Own that you are different, and that’s OK because you are a one of a kind creation, and gift.  Own the fact that you are already equipped, and ready for your purpose, and all you need to do is let go, and simply OWN IT!  Own it without any apologies for being the awesome, beautiful, and unique creation that you are!